Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hobby No More

In early November, I decided to work toward making one of my dreams come true: owning my own business. I've still got a full-time day job, which sometimes turns into much more than full time, but why not turn my spare-time hobby into something more? And so, the PeetSwea Shop on Etsy was born.

Today, I have 13 items for sale on my shop, and only two sales, but I am finding endless excitement in learning about what it takes to build a shop and build a following.  I should have known that sewing bags and clutches  would be the easy part - after all, I already knew how to do that.  Learning how to take pictures was an early goal and I spent more hours than I could count coming up with an approach to photographing my items.

Next up is networking with other Etsy sellers to learn as much as I can about what it will take to be successful, and spending more time in the sewing room to build up my inventory.

All I can say is, I'm loving the ride so far!

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  1. Hey! My sister showed me your blog (krittersramblings) and I wanted to say hi! I love your bags! The pink and black blocks is my favorite! I too started an etsy page and have been wandering my way through and meeting some pretty amazing people there. If you ever need someone to talk to or ask questions I'm always around and my email is on my blog. Good luck with everything you do!