Thursday, July 07, 2011

Library Dreams: A Room to Myself

I dream that one day I will live in my forever house, and that house will have a beautiful library.  Until that day, that library lives in my dreams... 
Library Dreams is my own series, where I will show photos of libraries that have inspired me.

When I was growing up, I babysat for a family with a library sealed off in a room of its own.  In addition to hundreds of wonderful books, their room also had a white baby grand piano, but that is another dream entirely...

This photo brought back memories of that home, and my dreams of one day having a room filled with books.  Wouldn't it be nice to replicate the smell of a bookstore within your own home, and to have a quiet place to read while surrounded by books?
Photo found on Shelterness


  1. Oh my.... I REALLY want this room. :)

  2. If I'm ever rich, I'd love to have a secret library. I've coveted Holly Black's for ages now.