Saturday, April 23, 2011

Will She Always Think I'm Super-Mom?

J and I were browsing through the latest Harry and David catalog this week, when we saw this beautiful photo of scrumptious looking petit fours:

I'll let your mouth water for another few seconds....

Okay, so where was I?  Yes.  So, J tells me that we are going to make these this weekend!  Emphatically.  No question.  We're going to do it! 

My response was mixed, and I'm now second-guessing whether I let her down a bit.  I told her that it was really hard to make something this small and beautiful.  "Did you see how many layers are in the chocolate one?  Cake, filling, cake, filling, cake, filling.  Then it's coated with icing."

She was not deterred.  Her mom can do it.  Super-Mom.

I wish that I always had the confidence in myself that she has in me!  Stay tuned to see if Super-Mom and her trusty sidekick J can pull this one off...

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